Tuesday, 1 April 2008

We have so much room at Buckingham Palace that it gets lonely sometimes. One needs to talk to people other than the servants. So we've decided to open up part of Buckingham Palace as a Bed and Breakfast. The announcement doesn't make mention of it, but if you do decide to stay, don't go out on to the balcony - we haven't fixed that yet!

© The Queen


Anonymous said...

If only. People would pay an arm and a leg to be able to stay at a royal palace. Imagine the extra income that would create - you might be able to get someone to fix the balcony. (lol).

Anyways just joshing.


Anonymous said...

My curiousity has gotten the better of me - who are you making the 1000th Knight of the garter???

Please to tell - hopefully before the official announcement. Please

Lilibet (AKA The Queen) said...

That's a secret! You'll have to wait until April 23rd to find out.

Anonymous said...

How is your husband, HRH Prince Philip?

Hopefully much better and getting all the care he needs.

Anonymous said...

It's someones birthday on Monday. Congratulations on this very royal of royal days.

Also congratulations to HRH Princess Isabella of Denmark for her birthday too.

How does it feel to share your birthday with another member of Royalty who even shares you/r name (the Spanish version of it)???

Not to detract from the celebration that is your birthday. Have a wonderful and very happy day!!!

Also enjoy your christening!!! You totally have to spill all the details.