Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Welcomed the French President and his wife, Madame Sarkozy. How lovely to meet them. Madame Sarkozy was apparently a model at one point. I've heard that there's an uproar with some nude photos of her going up for auction at Christies. I don't know what all the fuss is about, I've posed for plenty of photos in my day.

And it's not like it's Laura Bush!

© The Queen


Anonymous said...

But have you posed for any nude photographs?

No because you have far more class than anyone else ever could. You are the epitome of grace and charm.

I have read that everybody who meets you falls under your spell - indicating a very captivating personality.

You are unique Majesty, the one and only.

Strawberry Lane said...

Your Majesty,
Yes, there does seems to be an unsightly scene over the Madame's photos sans clothing at Christies.

And I commend you for posing for photos all these many years.

But there is word out that EBay has an early photo of you that just might fetch a hefty bid.

Is that the photo you prefer we not discuss? If so, please forgive me for mentioning it.

Yours faithfully