Monday, 21 April 2008

Happy Birthday to ME! Happy birthday to ME!

Oh what a lovely day! I've received such beautiful flowers and birthday cards. A particularly funny one from Andy Pandy.

Such a happy time, Philip is better and we had James' christening on the weekend and it was lovely. Baby James looked so nice in the replica of our family heirloom christening gown. It's too bad he couldn't have worn the original, but at 160 odd years old, it was too old. Unfortunately, some things don't get better with age.

Thank you so much for all the wonderful birthday wishes!

I'm off to have some cake!

© The Queen


Anonymous said...

Have a very Happy and wonderful birthday week (when you use the excuse that its your birthday not to do things that you don't particularly want to do)- Your Majesty.

Well all the best for the coming year and i am so glad that you enjoyed James' christening - the photographed released was absolutely divine - all the right angles etc.

Well Good Luck!!!!

Mr & Mr Foppington said...

Your Most Gracious Majesty

We do wish you had the most wonderful birthday, We both had a sherry in your honour to celebrate. May you have many more happy years to come (Charles will just have to wait his turn for sometime)

Blessings to you and your family.

Signed With A Bow
Mr & Mr Foppington

Anonymous said...

i cannot believe you made William a knight of the garter - couldn't you have found some one more mature or better yet more deserving of this honour???

I mean what has he actually achieved other than being born???

But then again this is how these things work - the rich get rewarded for virutually nothing and those less fortunate get rewarded with zilch.