Wednesday, 13 February 2008

I've been asked my thoughts on smoking. Although I don't smoke myself, I've had several members of the family who have smoked - My great-grandfather, grandfather, father, and sister, to name but a few. I believe that this contributed to their premature demise. I plan on being around along time (sorry Charles), therefore I do not smoke.

There was that famous incident with the intruder asking for a smoke. While waiting for my errant police guards, we had a lot of time to discuss the pros and cons of smoking. I don't know if he quit, but at least I tried.

Yes, I still have some around because you never know when someone like that will drop in again. If they do want to smoke I send them out on to the balcony. Which reminds me, I need to get that fixed...

© The Queen


Anonymous said...

You are magnificent as ever Your Majesty and as always have such poignant way with words.

I had no idea the intruder was a smoker. My apologies. That experience however must have been quite confronting. I no if someone broke into my bedroom i would be scared half to death. You must have such fortitude.

Strawberry Lane said...

Your Highness,

Please forgive me for commenting, I do not wish to appear rude, but I understand that Camilla has given up smoking.

About the balcony, perhaps the repair could wait just a tiny little bit. One never knows if "The Duchess" might have a relapse.

It would seem rather convenient to have her be the one to test the stability of the balcony from time to time.

Your Loyal Subject