Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Today is Andy Pandy's birthday!! He was born 48 years ago today!!

Incidently, Andy was the first royal baby born to a reigning sovereign in since Queen Victoria had Princess Beatrice in 1857.

Take that Vicky!

© The Queen


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Your Majesty on the birthday of your son His Royal Highness Prince Andrew, the Duke of York.

Pretty soon it will be your granddaughter's the Princess Eugenie of York's 18th birthday - anything exciting planned?

Angie said...

Your Majesty.

So doth that mean another shindig in the palace. We do have these visions of Harry becoming inebriated beyond control, and Camilla riding horses in the halls. While your staff slide down the banisters and getting up to all sorts of tomfoolery.

We have wondered have you ever had a sherry too many, and if so have you done anything you regret doing as a result.

Signed with a Bow

Mr & Mr Foppington

Strawberry Lane said...

Your Highness,
Oh, how delightful... another royal affair. I do hope they all behave themselves. How do you abide this rowdy group?

My, how things have changed since Queen Mary.

Signed with a curtsy,
Your faithful subject