Sunday, 3 February 2008

I've just heard some very sad news. The Spice Girls are cutting short their world tour due to family and personal committments! Such a pity. I have family committments too and I still manage to be Head of State and Head of the Nation.

How terribly disappointing!

© The Queen


interested said...

And that is why your majesty the whole world respects you. You get the job done as well as maintaining family relationships - such as your marriage and your relationship with your children, grandchildren, children-in-law as well as your nieces and nephews. How else would the balcony scenes look so wonderful or the Christmas 'service fashion' show be so convincing.

On another note, Ma'am what are your thoughts on smoking? I hear that your and His Royal Highness Prince Philip are both non smokers but then i read that you keep a tin of cigarettes in the besides table (this was when some guy broke into your bedroom and you offered him a cigarette).

I also read that your grandsons Their Royal Highnesses Princes William and Harry don't smoke. Well HRH Prince William apparently hates it while his girlfriend smokes and your other grandson HRH Prince Harry has recently given up while his girlfriend continues to puff away.

So i must ask majesty is smoking a family affair because from what i have read most of you do not smoke for reasons that are blatantly obvious.

Again i thank you for your time.

Strawberry Lane said...

Your Royal Highness,

We are all grateful that you continue to honor your solemn oath to be Queen.

There is nothing wishy-washy about you. Are you sure you still admire those Spice Girls?

Now, we realize your family has run you quite ragged at times, but you stand the course with courage.
We cheer you on!

Your devoted admirer

Lilibet (AKA The Queen) said...


Thank you, I do try. Do you know the amount of memos that go back and forth to coordinate the family so that it looks that convincing? It's horrendous!

Strawberry Lane:

Yes, I'm beginning to rethink my admiration of the Spice Girls. They were in the home stretch and they cancelled! The younger generation just don't seem to understand. Don't those girls have nannies? Oh well, I never liked Posh anyways!