Thursday, 10 January 2008

Pee break!

You know, sometimes people report things about ME that aren't even remotely true. Like about how I'm unamused by my new flat-screen HD TV's.

Bollocks! Bigger is better! Size does matter. The stubby ones are very unsatisfying. Trying to get it up and running took ages.

And it gives ME more room to play Balls of Fury.

© The Queen


oneeyed-onehorned said...

some people have no lives - making up such vicious rumours.

Still as funny as ever - I can't believe you said 'bollocks'! How every English!! Have a great January!!!!!!!

royal supporter said...

Dear Your Magesty,

Please update your blog more frequently. I know that you only comment on articles that have been in the newspaper but could you please please be more speculative about things. Delve into guesstimates and informed opinions of royal gossip.

I understand it's sinful and lent is beginning but please. I am desperate. Update please!!!

P.S. I am so going to watch your documentary. You rock!

Lilibet (AKA The Queen) said...

Dear Loyal Subjects.

oneeyed-onehored: I do call it like I see it. It is bollocks, some of the things they say about me. I've decided to say what's on my mind. After 80 years I think I can get away with it.

royal supporter: I will try to update my blog more often. Like my throne speech I didn't realize people were listening. Those speeches can be a snooze can't they?