Wednesday, 9 January 2008

People have told ME that I have a problem with Nintendo Wii. That I'm showing classic signs of addiction. I hope they're not planning an intervention, it would really cut into my playing time.

Oh I have to go to the loo so badly!

© The Queen

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purplepeopleeater said...

Your hilarious. i wish my grandma was like you. You seem to take an interest in your children and grandchildren - if only to 'borrow' their christmas presents and make delighted announcements and proclaimations about them.

My grandma just tells us she hates us and that having children was the worst mistake of her life - she even sent them to an orphange!!

In all truth Your Majesty - you are a wonderful and brilliant parent and grandparent who not only seems intereted in their lives but who will also spend quality time with them by commandering their toys.