Monday, 21 January 2008

There have been some recent reports that I am not amused by the dress code at Royal Ascot. That I am 'imposing my will' and I will be enforcing a strict dress code within the Royal Enclosure. It's true. It's gotten completely out of hand in recent years, what with all of the short skirts, tattoos and cups running over. It's very distracting to the horses.

Also, if I can't show off my tattoo then no one else can!

While I won't be standing around with a ruler measuring skirts I will glare at anyone who disobeys me. Be forwarned.

© The Queen

1 comment:

curious said...

You rock!!!

I'm serious and you are absolutely right - the races are an event to be feminine and beautiful not an excuse to be less the perfect.

P.S. Where is your tattoo?