Tuesday, 7 August 2007

My poll - Should I give Prince Philip the title Prince Consort?

My most recent poll indicates that 3 out of 6 people think I should give my husband the title of Prince Consort. 2 votes suggest asking Prince Philip himself and 1 vote says, why bother?

I'm still undecided by the results of this poll. It's true that, after all this time, it really wouldn't change anything, well except all of the ID, business cards, stationary, plaques, clothing labels...maybe it's just not worth the effort. Not to mention having to explain it all to everyone! 'Is that Prince Philip?' 'Is that the Duke of Edinburgh?' 'Is that Prince Consort?' 'What should we call him?'

I've asked Prince Philip, and he says he'll think about it and get back to ME. Titles have never really been that important to him. When we were married in 1947, he renounced his Greek title - Prince Philip of Greece and became simply Lt Philip Mountbatten. Papa created Philip Duke of Edinburgh and he was known as HRH the Duke of Edinburgh for quite some time. People in the press still called him Prince Philip, so in 1957 I said, why not? and gave him the title of Prince. It suits him quite well.

So I'll keep you posted on what the outcome is. Maybe I'll do it as an anniversary gift - it's our 60th wedding anniversary you know?

P.S. My good friend Marilyn at Marilyn's Royal Blog has a new online chat show called The Royal Report. Highly enjoyable! You must listen to it when you get the chance.

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