Monday, 13 August 2007

Meet the family - Prince Andrew

This is my third child and admittedly my favorite, my Andy Pandy. Andrew was born at Buckingham Palace on February 19, 1960, incidently the first child born to a reigning sovereign since Queen Victoria had Princess Beatrice in 1857. I had quite a job getting back into shape after I had him. My sister, the late Princess Margaret, got married in May, so I managed to squeeze into my outfit anyways.

He was named after Philip's father, Prince Andrew of Greece. A nice tribute. After educating him at home and eventually at Gordonstoun, we sent Andrew off to Canada when he was a teenager to attend Lakefield College School in Ontario - if you're ever in the area, you MUST visit (There's a restaurant called the Muddy Duck, which serves a good fish and chips. Anyways, luckily we got him back and he continued on at Gordonstoun. After that he joined the Royal Navy, just like my dear Philip. Andrew actually fought in the Falkland Island conflict, we were just on the edge of our seats with that. Never knowing whether he would come back or not. But he did and we were so proud of him. He's also the best looking of my children so we needed his good looks to balance things out genetically.

In 1986 he married Sarah Ferguson - well I don't have to tell you what happened with that! We were all so disappointed. I gave him the title of Duke of York, which is very special to ME given that the previous holder was my dear departed Papa. Andy Pandy and Fergie had two lovely and beautiful girls - Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie. Fergie and Andrew were divorced in 1996. So sad but they continued to live together and everyone seems happy with that arrangement.

Today Andrew is the UK's Special Representative for International Trade and Investment - (check out his website to the right) and he does quite a good job of it. I recently gave him and Edward, my youngest, the Garter. Princess Anne isn't the only one of my children who can whine endlessly.

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