Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Meet the family - Princess Anne

Anne is my second child, born on August 15, 1950 whilst we were residing at Clarence House. Contrary to popular belief, she DOES smile, although you'd never know it from these photos now would you?

She's into horses, like ME and has actually competed in the Olympics! I'm very proud of her. She takes after her father temperament wise. Anne married in 1973 to Captain Mark Philips - but that didn't work out. They had two children, Peter, born in 1977 (a Silver Jubilee baby!) and Zara, born in 1981. Peter has recently become engaged to Autumn Kelly. Everyone seemed to think that Zara would get engaged first, but my bet was on Peter. Which reminds ME, I have to collect my winnings from everyone.

Charles and Anne were always very competitive with each other. Or I should say that Anne was extremely competitive with Charles. She always wanted what Charles has. Even to this day! The whining and pleading, 'why is Charles a member of the Garter and not me?' Creating her Princess Royal obviously wasn't good enough. After years and years of listening to this, I finally gave in. I'm glad I waited though, I didn't want Anne to think I was a push-over.

Anne and Mark divorced in 1992 and she went and married Commander Timothy Laurence. He's been a quiet and unassuming addition to the royal family - just how we like things. Here's a picture of the two of them together. Why must Anne looks so sour in all of her pictures? Believe it or not, they DO smile!

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