Monday, 15 September 2008

Today is Ginger's birthday, he's 24 years old. One of my visitors reminded ME about this - Thank you! I thought I'd set it up in my Google Calendar but apparently I must have done something wrong. I'll have to mention this to the people at Google when I visit their London headquarters in October.

I have no idea what to get Ginger. We recently had some beer delivered to Windsor Castle, 2000 pints to be exact. It was supposed to go to a pub called Windsor Castle - who knew there was another one? Can you imagine the party we all would have had? Oh what fun!

© The Queen

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Anonymous said...

It's nice to think of possibilities, isn't it Your Majesty?

On another note - good to see you are using your time wisely and multitasking - the people at Google always welcome feedback and coming from you I think that they will be amazed that someone in your position is interested in their product/service.

Congrats to you and Ginger again - and may Peter Phillips, Lady Louise and Viscount Severn all have fabulous birthdays in the coming months (in case i forget - also in my country it isn't taboo to wish someone a happy birthday before the event - so i apologise if it construed that way over in merry England/Wales/Scotland/Northern Island.

Wishing you the best of luck and lots of love

Your humble servant