Friday, 26 September 2008

Oh our roof is leaking! First the balcony, now the roof!

Luckily the family is mucking in. Camilla is so helpful checking on the balcony. We've just sent Princess Michael on the roof. I hope they don't get hurt. That would be absolutely tragic. What a pity that would be.

If only we could find Paul Burrell to help Camilla....

© The Queen


Mr & Mr Foppington said...

Your Most Gracious Majesty

As fans of old building it is such a shame to hear about the roof at buckingham palace! I am sure that Princess Michael will do a wonderful job, but i do hope she will not fall off and seriously injure herself, what a shame that would be. It be must ever so whimsical, to see Camilla jumping up and down on the balcony, what a delight for tourist and visitors to see.

Keep up the good work.

Your most loyal subjects.

Mr & Mr Foppington

ganeshan said...

its a really pleasant experience to see the princess michael and they should ensure safety of the princess and see that she is not hurt.
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Anonymous said...

Wow - i completely missed this update - normally i'm on here like every other day checking for updates. i apologise again

your humble servant