Thursday, 1 November 2007

Well this year's Halloween was very uneventful! I bought lots and lots of sweets and no one showed up! I even wore a costume this year. I dressed up as Helen Mirren, dressed up as ME. But no one could guess who I was. Maybe I should have borrowed her Oscar?

© The Queen


Simply Marvelous said...

Your Royal Highness,
Please forget the costume you wore on Halloween.

You just made the top 50 on the Fashion List.


Your humble servant,

Theocritus said...

Ma'am, the mauvais langues said that they thought they saw Helen Mirren dressed up as Ayn Rand, and they were afraid of a mad architect blowing up Buckingham Palace.

Or even worse, marrying a closeted homosexual named Frank O'Connor who looks, by the way, utterly nothing like Philip.

And when did Halloween jump the pond? I thought it was an American invention--all the witches and so forth. But I'm thinking perhaps of the Junior Senator from New York. Sorry.