Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Meet the family - Prince Edward

So here is my youngest son, Prince Edward Antony Richard Louis. He's our 'whoops' baby. We had a little too much wine that night so yes, he was unplanned - but we've never told him that. Notice that his initials spell out E.A.R.L - isn't that clever? He was also born at Buckingham Palace on March 10, 1964. We hid him away from the public gaze for the first few months of his life. I was finally persuaded to bring him out on the balcony to show him to the crowds - 'see, he does exist!' I didn't do a Michael Jackson with him, even if he is my fourth child.

Like Andy Pandy, Edward was educated at home until we eventually sent him away to boarding school. He went to Gordonstoun, and studied at Jesus College, Cambridge. He developed a love of theatre while at university, which has led to some nasty rumours about his orientation. Some have said he's light in the loafers. But he kept all of us in the dark until he announced his engagement to Sophie; so far the sanest of my daughters-in-laws. Camilla is ok, but she's brought too much baggage into the family, but that's another story altogether.

Edward then went into the Marines, but it didn't suit him. Oh the uproar about that! For the record, Philip wasn't the least bit angry at Edward for it. Maybe a little disappointed, but not angry. Edward then moved on to the theatre and television production. I highly enjoyed his television series Crown and Country - so informative!

He married Sophie on 19th of June and they have a lovely little girl called Louise. They're expecting another little one in December - I can hardly wait!

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