Wednesday, 26 September 2007

I have been informed that one of my homes, Buckingham Palace, is starting to fall apart. How embarrassing! I've tried to look into the problems myself but it was just too risky for me to scale the wall. I'm not as agile as I used to be. One of the balconies needs repairs - what are we to do? What if something were to happen to all of us while we're standing there? It could take out a good number of us. The throne might then go to back to the Hanover line. Good gracious, we can't have that happening!

No time to waste, I'll grab the mortar!

© The Queen


Simply Marvelous said...

Your Royal Highness,

Your lovely home is falling apart, you say? We all beg of you not to fix it by scaling the Royal walls. Really, what would Prince Phillip say?!

As for the balcony that needs repair, perhaps it would be best for you to wave your Royal Hanky from a window and let Charles and his bride test out the balcony. They are both rather light weight, you know.

Now, about the Royal throne going back to the Hanover line. Oh my, we wouldn’t want to look at that pesky pedigree, now would we?

What a marvelous idea it was to change your name to Windsor. I’m sure everyone has long forgotten that you are from the ... (oh, please forgive me) German line. How rude of Queen Victoria.

Now, back to the mortar. Just let those Royal boys have a throw at it and you stay comfy on your lovely Royal Throne with a nice cup of tea.

Signed with a curtsy,

Lilibet (AKA The Queen) said...

Well, we did send Princess Michael out onto the balcony and had her jump around a bit, but to no avail, the balcony stood the test and we're still stuck with her.

Mr & Mr Foppington said...

Your most gracious majesty

One is quite inclined to agree with idea of Princess Micheal testing the balcony. May one sugggust asking Camilla to help, in a show of Family Unity and Loyalty to Her Most Gracious Majesty.

Signed with a bow.