Monday, 25 June 2007

One of my favorite times of the year is Royal Ascot. Riding in the carriage was quite bumpy and my wrist still hurts but it was worth it. I just love horse racing. But what I love just as much about Ascot are the hats. Multi-feathered, satellite dish shaped creations - absolutely hilarious. My granddaughter Zara tends to walk on the wild side with her hat. Here she is, pictured with ME, wearing something that seems to be a leopard spotted tv antenna. I don't mind this at all, and I'm sure that I've worn much worse than this. Remember the hat I wore during my Silver Jubilee celebrations, the pink one with the bells? What was I thinking?

Anyways, had a great time at Ascot. Andrew brought a friend with him - someone who makes Fergie look like the most stylish woman on the planet. I could barely make it past all of the chiffon and feathers to tea. I was always taught by Mummy that one musn't point and laugh when someone is wearing a funny hat. At times I couldn't see a thing, I should have told her 'Off with her hat!'

Anyways, my boxes have just arrived, so I must go.

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