Tuesday, 26 June 2007

How I would have answered Matt Lauer's questions

In all of these years I've never actually sat down to give an interview. However, Matt Lauer's interview with my grandson's has inspired me to reveal to you, how I, The Queen, would have handled some of the questions.

Matt Lauer: Let me talk a little bit about your image in terms of in the United States.

ME: Well, obviously they know who I am. The Canadians must have filled them in at some point. We're not just about Diana you know. Obviously people are somewhat fascinated in us, for whatever reason.

Matt Lauer: Do you see a time in your own imagination when this cycle of fascination ends?

ME: I've been doing this for 81 years and it hasn't ended yet, which is a good thing. The fascination really is our bread and butter you know.

Matt Lauer: Was there a time in your lives when you were younger that your folks sat you down and talked about the responsibility of helping others? Did you have that kind of a talk?

ME: Yes, Mummy and Papa sat Margo (the late Princess Margaret) and myself down and we chatted about it. They said it's not just about the palaces and priceless jewels. There's work to be done and we all must chip in or we'll be sent packing.

Matt Lauer: As a mom -- what are your greatest memories?

ME: Are you referring to ME or to Mummy? Mummy was such fun, she taught us everything she knew about being in the public eye. She really did know how to give good value.

Matt Lauer: Did you notice that when by the way you would see coverage and you'd see her on camera and say, "That's not quite mom?"

ME: Yes, sometimes. I mean, she could be quite tough on occasion. She wasn't the cuddly queen the public thought they knew.

Matt Lauer: But is it daunting to think about how long this is probably going to last for you?

ME: Mummy lived to be 101, so I could be here for a while. Which is good, I'm personally against death you know.

© The Queen

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