Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Unveiled a statue of Mummy yesterday. Charles, Camilla, Pa, Wombat, Ginger and the rest of the family tagged along.

What do you think of Mummy's statue?

© The Queen


Anonymous said...

brilliant - you looked perfect as always.

your humble servant

Anonymous said...

I was just looking at some photographs of you at the unveiling and i was wondering how do you keep your skin looking that fabulous - it is to die for.

i can only hope that when i get to your age i look half as good because it is absolutely brilliant.

Your humble servant

P.S. How is lent going?

Strawberry Lane said...

Your Majesty,
Your statue is just lovely, in fact it is quite magnificent. You do look like your Royal Self.

And how delightful to have the family crew there for this event.

Mrs. Ramsbottom of Strawberry Lane

Strawberry Lane said...

The statue of Your dear Mummy shows her looking her charming self. How lovely that your crew attended this event.

Mrs.Ramsbottom of Strawberry Lane

Anonymous said...

I think it is an amazing resemblance to an amazing woman!