Thursday, 19 February 2009

Today is Andy Pandy's birthday! He's 49. So hard to believe. Doesn't he look so handsome? He's always been my favorite. Don't tell Charles, Anne and Edward that though!

© The Queen


Mr & Mr Foppington said...

Your Most Gracious Majesty

Another shin-dig in the royal household, how wonderful, what will one be wearing? We have always pondered on what you get as a gift for your children upon their birthdays.
Enjoy today, whatever you may get up to. We will have sherry this evening in honour of Prince Andrew.

Your Most Loyal Subjects.

Mr & Mr Foppington

Anonymous said...

Andrew is 49 - wow.

Your humble servant

Also please give us an update on your newest Grandson James. He'd be one and a bit now.

Leslie said...

We might have guessed he was your favorite. Except for that Koo Stark episode.