Saturday, 28 June 2008

It's been quite a month - Philip celebrated his birthday, Wombat turned 26, Trooping the Color, Royal Ascot (my horse Free Agent won!!!). I also just bought a McDonalds recently! Unfortunately I didn't get a seniors discount on it. Maybe I'll even do a shift there once in a while. I just tried on the uniform, how do I look?

My shift will have to wait until I get back from my week in Scotland!

© The Queen

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Anonymous said...

Wow - a McDonalds. I hear that they are quite profitable - maybe the additional income could help wih certain repairs???

Or better yet why dont u just renig on the agreement where parliament pays you money in return for you not generating income from your estates and turn your estates into huge money spinners. its a win win win situation - the government doesnt have to give you money, people wont have a cry due to how expensive you all are (still get the civil list payments for official royal duties, just act more of a private citizen), and you get to restore your palaces to their former glory plus loads more people will be able to see them as well as the increase in the agricultural sector and rental incomes due to the money spinning aspects of the privitisation of your estates.

maybe you should suggest it???