Saturday, 14 June 2008

I'm going to have to get a bigger purse! I just bought myself an iPod! It's pink just like my glock - hopefully I won't mistake the two. Wouldn't that be embarassing?

Andy Pandy says they're the latest thing. What a delightful gadget and I can carry my entire music collection with ME wherever I go. Now I can amuse myself during all of those boring royal events like the Opening of Parliament or the Trooping the Color!

There's only so much bagpipe and marching music one can listen to, you know?

© The Queen


Strawberry Lane said...

Your Majesty,
At the risk of appearing rude, I must admit that I've always wondered what you carried in your ever present purse.

I have assumed it was perhaps the keys to your lovely castles.

But never would I have guess that it was an iPod! You do keep up with the younger set! And your choice of color is quite the fashion statement.

Let me guess what you have included. Undoubtedly, "The Spice Girls" and of course, other great hits like "God Save The Queen" !

Your faithful servant,
Mrs. Ramsbottom

Anonymous said...

Wow an ipod and a glock. who would have guessed that you like to shoot!!!

I don't think that i have ever seen any pictures or heard any rumours that you actually shoot things.

I always thought that that was a Prince Philip and your sons and grandsons thing.

Also happy birthday to Prince Philip. 87 and still active. How fortunate you are to be able to continue to enjoy him and what he brings to your life.

Greta Garbo said...

Good Idea.. Lilibet!!

Queen with an i-Pod..sounds great!!!