Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Can you imagine someone dressing up and pretending to be ME?

The nerve!

© The Queen


Anonymous said...

well you are quite popular. I mean your the most widely well known woman in the world - for all good reasons to. You are bigger than merely celebrity - you are (for lack of a better term) the queen.

I'd invite you to - who wouldn't. They are obviously trying to replace something they can never have.

humble pie said...

Dear your most gracious Majesty,

I do so adore your wit and charm but i was wondering - why is there no Easter message on this website?

I understand that you are only the ceremonial head of the Church of England and as such cannot make public statements on how great your religion is but could you not just share with us poor deprived constituents an amusing anecdote or a small tale regarding the Easter celebrations in your home? e.g. who came, what did they wear? etc etc

On another note in just under a month it is someone's birthday (not mentioning any names Your Majesty) but have a wonderful and great birthday. (It is not taboo where i come from to wish someone a happy birthday ahead of time so please do not curse me or anything like that and if i have offended you please forgive me)

Your very very humble servant who is not up to date on the customs observed in the United Kingdom.

Lilibet (AKA The Queen) said...


You're absolutely right! However I've always believed it's better to never accept substitutes. Nothing is better than the real thing, if I may say so myself!