Monday, 17 December 2007

It's a boy!!! Edward, my youngest, and his wife Sophie have just had their second baby!!

What a wonderful year - the Spice Girls reunite, I'm voted one of the world's most stylish women, my 60th Wedding anniversary, and now a new baby!

© The Queen


Mr & Mr Foppington said...

Your Most Gracious Majesty

May we offer our most sincere congratulations upon becoming a grandmother once again and for also for becoming the longest living British Monarch in history.

May we also take this opportunity to wish you and your wonderful family a most joyous Christmas.
As always we are very much looking forward to your speech on Christmas Day.

Sing With A Bow
Your Most Loyal Subjects

Mr & Mr Foppington

Lilibet (AKA The Queen) said...

Thank you Loyal Subject. We are overjoyed at the arrival of James. What a wonderful name isn't it?

Thank you for your best wishes. Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones. I hope you enjoy the Christmas Speech this year, I quite like it myself.