Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Thank you for your votes regarding my hairstyle. It's wonderful to know that 4 out of 6 of you like my hair. I wasn't planning on changing it, I just wanted a general opinion on the matter. Like my abdication poll, it was a rhetorical question.

Whilst I haven't been terribly imaginative with my hairdos over the years, I have tried the occasional boufant here and there. I grew it longer during the war years, and Philip actually liked it when it was that length, but he doesn't have to wear the tiaras now does he? I used to dye it a color called Chocolate Kiss, but I decided to stop fighting a losing battle and go with the grandmother look. I don't look as cuddly as my late mother did, but I have to be ME. Anyways, I can't go changing my look radically. It would probably drive the stamp and coin industry around the bend.

© The Queen

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