Thursday, 26 July 2007

Meet the family - Prince Charles

Has it really been five days since I've updated this blog? I must remember to not work so late on my red boxes.

So here is the next member of my family: Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall, etc. etc is my eldest son. He was born at Buckingham Palace. I was in labour with him for 30 hours! He's been causing ME grief ever since. But I still love him. I don't know where he gets the ears from. Doesn't it look like he could take flight?

As you probably know, he was married to Diana and they had two sons. Lots of trouble with that marriage. I just stayed out of it but I couldn't help but read the newspapers like everyone else. In 2005 he married his non-negotiable mistress Camilla. They look happy don't they? I guess that's what's important. Philip and I have bets that this one is going to last. If not, we're not paying for another one, that's for sure!

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